CN7023 Assessment:

Task 1: Data Science Skills (20 marks)Complete four MATLAB Online Courses to learn Data Science skills. Earn a certificate for each course, acquire four certificates to complete this part of the assessment.

•Course 1: MATLAB Onramp – Get started quickly with the basics of MATLAB. (5 marks)

•Course 2: Machine Learning Onramp – Learn the basics of practical machine learning methods for classification problems. (5 marks)

•Course 3: Deep Learning Onramp – Get started quickly using deep learning methods to perform image recognition. (5 marks)

•Course 4: Image Processing Onramp – Learn the basics of practical image processing techniques in MATLAB. (5 marks)

Task 2: Design, implement and report on neural network-based techniques for classification of a dataset of images. (70 marks)Write a 2500 words research report, including the following:

•The research question(s) you are exploring and the experiments you designed to address these question(s).

•A clear presentation of the methods (neural network implementation, network architectures, training regime, etc.) that were used, an outline of how they were implemented, and a discussion of why these methods were chosen.

•A clear presentation of results, discussion and interpretation of results and conclusions.

•Please follow the marking scheme below to ensure your report includes all required sections.


You must choose one of the following image datasets for your coursework:
1.7,000 Labeled Pokemon,
2.Fruits 360,
3.Comic Books Images, lassification
4.Simpsons Main Characters,
5.Animals-10 – Animal pictures of 10 different categories taken from google images, Shapes – 16,000 images of four basic shapes (star, circle, square, triangle),
4 7.Fruit Recognition – 44406 labelled fruit images, Images – A compiled dataset of 6899 images from 8 distinct classes,

Task 3 (10 marks)

During the timetabled practical session of Week 12 and in groups of 2:

•You will each present the approach you have taken in Task 2 to the other group member, who will question your approach and provide feedback.

•Each presentation should last for 10 minutes.