The learning outcomes (LOs) for this module are:-
LO1 You will be able to demonstrate critical understanding of the entire data life cycle and classical database engineering processes and approaches, and non-traditional database systems.
LO2 You will be able to demonstrate deep knowledge of key concepts of data warehousing, data analytics, data standards, and data quality.
LO3 You will be able to critically analyse, select, apply and evaluate advanced data modelling, database design, implementation and manipulation methods, techniques and tools to a complex data management problem.
LO4 You will be able to Appraise, analyse, design, develop and evaluate data warehousing and data analytics solutions using Oracle database system.
LO5 You will be able to develop critical awareness of the responsibilities of database developer with respect to professional, legal, security and ethical issues individually or as part of a team .This assessment addresses learning outcomes LO2, LO4 and LO5

Instructions on Assessment:

  • You are expected to produce a word-processed answer to this assignment. Please use Arial font and a font size of 12 for text. For SQL code and output, you can use
    courier new font and a minimum size of 10, which preserves SQL format and layout. Where necessary, screenshots of SQL output may be used instead of plain text.
  • You are required to use the Harvard Style of referencing and citation. The “Cite them right” guide is recommended for referencing and citation (Pears and Shields, 2008) which should be followed throughout your answer especially Part 3. Please do not include references to lecture notes.
  • ONLY ONE submission is required for each group to be submitted on Blackboard.
  • The names of students in the group must be provided and must match with the group no and names already agreed on the shared document.
  • Marks allocated for your submission will be shared equally by all the students within the group (a max of 2 members per group). However, if some members have not contributed to the assignment as agreed and expected of them, then a peer- assessment form should be filled and submitted on the Blackboard by each member of the group. See Appendixes 3, 4 and 5.