Assessment Brief
The required submission for this assignment is a 3500-word Skills and Behaviours Review.Students are required to complete THREE tasks:
-Analyse Sundar Pichai’s leadership qualities in comparison to Personal Effectiveness frameworks
-Apply Personal Effectiveness frameworks to identify your key strengths and weaknesses foryour employability
-Evaluate different methods of learningnew skills to enhance your employability.
The Learning Outcomes that you have to meet in order to pass this assessment are:
* (LO1) Critically evaluate how people learn for professional development.
* (LO2) Appraise the key skills and behaviours required to be effective in a professionalcontext.
* (LO3) Demonstrate understanding of a range of methods of supporting personal effectiveness in a professional environment.
Your Skills and Behaviours Reviewshould contain the following:
a)A brief introduction giving: -a definition of Personal Effectiveness-an explanation of the importance of Personal Effectiveness to professional development-an overview of the main body ofthereport, which MUST mention the key points of task b(case study review)c (personal skills review) and d (learning methodsdiscussion) below(Total 5marks)
b)Case Study Review: Discuss the impact of Sundar Pichai’s skills and behaviours as a leader on Google and its employeesIn this section you mustreview the case studies from this moduleto:-IdentifySundar Pichai’s leadership skills and behaviours (15marks)-Discuss the impact of Sundar Pichai’s leadership skills and behaviours on Google as an organisation and on Googleemployees (15marks)For your critical evaluation you must link Sundar Pichai’s skills and behaviours, and their impacts,to at least TWO theoretical frameworks covered in this module, e.g. Covey’s 7 Habits, the CEO Genome Project, the CMI Code of Conduct or others(This taskmeetsLO2)(Total 30Marks)
c)Personal Skills Appraisal: Critically evaluateyour own personal effectivenessIn this section you must conduct a self-assessment test using any self-assessment tool from the Topic Workbooks:
-Summarise the results of your self-assessment test, highlighting key strengths and weaknesses(10 marks)
-Apply a framework of personal effectiveness (e.g. Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle, Ryff’s 6 Factor Model, Organisational Citizenship Behaviour)to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses (10 marks)
-Discuss the effect of your weaknesses on your employability prospects(10marks)(This task meets LO1)(Total 30 Marks)d)Learning Methods Discussion: Explaindifferent methods for supporting and developing your own personal effectivenessIn this section you must:
-Identify and explain different strategies you can use to improve on your weaknesses as stated in task (c)(10 marks)
-Create an action plan with specific proposals for your personal development based on these strategies(10 marks)(This task meets LO3)(Total 20 Marks)e)A brief conclusion covering:-Key points of task b (Case Study Review)
-Key point of task c (Personal Skills Appraisal)-Key points of task d (Learning Methods Discussion)-A summarising remark which explains the connection between all tasks (Total 5Marks)
Use of evidence in all parts of the reportYour report must contain evidence that you have read and understood the theories, models, additional reading and case studies in Personal Effectiveness on the Hub. This evidence must be present in all sections of the report.Which forms of evidence must be in the report
* In-text citations and a bibliography: there mustbe frequent citations throughout your assignment; they should be supported by a bibliography
* Links to theoretical frameworks: there mustbe frameworks applied in the Case StudyReviewandthe Personal Skills Appraisal. To apply frameworks effectively you must explain how Sundar Pichai’s skills, and your own strengths and weaknesses, compare to the qualities contained within the theories you choose. For example, you could discuss how Pichai demonstrates the CEO Genome Project habit of ‘deciding with speed and conviction’.
* References to the case studies: in the Case Study Review there must be frequent references to the case studies which can be found in the Apply section of every topic on the Hub
* References to additional reading: throughout your assignmentthere must be frequent references to the articles and videos in the additional tasks, which can be found in the Prepare section of every topic in the Hub