Word Count : 3000 words

Learning Outcomes

  1. Case study analysis and discussions, consideration of relevant articles and tutorial discussion
  2. Using the case study in hand identify feasibility issues and propose alternatives to meet project objectives. Provide a detailed project brief. Demonstrate the use of value engineering practices

  3. Using case study determine the organization structure, procurement and team leadership issues.
  4. Assess and evaluate the differing requirements of projects during their life cycle within a goal-oriented environment

Coursework Outline/Scenario 

In reference to the case study in hand, your presentation should focus on the assessment of: 

  1. The presentation should provide an introduction section which should include the background to and rationale for the need of the project. 
  2. Identify the different options for meeting the client requirements. You are required to identify a minimum of THREE possible options for the Board of Directors. This could cover a high-level appraisal for the options identified in terms of e.g. comparative risk, benefits, cost, time, achievability and quality. You may identify and justify any other variables you regard as important to evaluate your options at this stage. You should include a SWOT and/or PESTLE analysis to help support and structure your comparison. 
  3. Include an outline of the main considerations, assumptions and constraints considered by the group in formulating the core content of the project proposition. Assumptions must be realistic – do not assume all the problems away.
  4. Describe the client obligations and responsibilities and the duties of the project manager to ensure successful project delivery
  5. The presentation should include a high-level discussion of how project leadership will be harnessed and developed to ensure that the project has the best chance of success. Ensure you give a rationale of why project leadership should be a focused component of the project.
  6. Outline the drivers from a client and/or project perspective for the use of BIM technologies and the Strategy to achieve these objectives
  7. Provide a detailed project brief 
  8. Demonstration of how value management and or value engineering can be effectively used to reaching the preferred option. A definition of both concepts should also be included. 
  9. You should also include a slide of the references you have used to underpin your presentation.


Use Harvard style to format citations and references