Word Count : 1800 words

Report Structure backed by research evidence in Appendices:

1. Aim of the report and the assumptions/claims. 
2. Conducting the survey & data collection (Appendix A & B) 
3. Data analysis using Excel/Python (Appendix C )
4. Data representation and Interpretation (Appendix D) 
5. Communicating results & conclusions to School’s management 
6. Ethical consideration (Appendix A) 
7. Academic Style (content table, word count & Images and references)

The report must include appendices containing the following:

Appendix A – Designed questionnaire and a sample / ethics form 
Appendix B – Pre-processing spreadsheet 
Appendix C – Analysed data spreadsheet 
Appendix D – Visualised and interpreted data

Learning Outcomes

This assessment will fully assess the following 5 learning outcomes for this module:
• Summarise numerical data in a variety of graphical forms.
• Differentiate between the various analytical techniques for solving business problems.
• Illustrate the importance of stating assumptions.
• Manipulate data using Excel.
• Interpret data in order to develop and test claims.

Reference style: Harvard Referencing