Word Count : 1000 words

This assignment is based on research background, research gap, research problem and research aim concepts and your arguments should be related to business organization and management body of knowledge with the support from literature review.  


We are now in the post pandemic stage, but many companies were badly impacted by the Covid-19. The whole world was affected, and some industries were more impacted by the lock-down than others. Those industries badly affected are the airlines, hotels, education, private medical outlets and manufacturing. Some of these industries are still in the recovering stage and are doing all possible to stay out of red.




Select one (1) industry where their revenues are affected by Covid 19 and review at least 20 journal (1998 – theory) – 2000 years and above. Articles related to their business organization and management in the VUCA environment, and synthesize your findings/arguments into the following sub-topics: 
1.    Organization Sustainability – Analyze the variables impacting management Planning effectiveness. Select an industry and determine the possible success factors or variables faced with the recent Covid-19, especially with the Omicron variant threats, i.e., Research Background.
2.    Research Gap – Evaluate areas of studies that are currently lack and/or limited in the business organization and management body of knowledge example what are their unique selling point (USP).  
3.    Research Problem – Identify the Problem and formulate the research topic based on your arguments in the research background and research gap sections. 
4.    Research Aim – propose the aim for your research aim, with the potential Solutions to the research problem you have defined in the previous question.


Your report should include a brief “Introduction” of the assignment as well as a conclusion and your group – reflection of the study.


Reference – Harvard Referencing (Alphabetical)