Word Count : 4000 words

Learning Outcomes :

The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:

  1. Demonstrate digital, information, and communication literacy.
  2. Integrate critical analysis and problem- solving skills within an independent research project.
  3. Prescribe key methodologies in your research design.
  4. Synthesise secondary data gathered through your independent research project.

Assessment Task
This assessment requires you to complete two distinct sections:
(1) Provide a literature review for your thesis.
This requires you to review and critique the written literature relating to your topic to identify gaps in previous studies to support your study’s intended unique contribution to knowledge in your field.
(2) Identify the research methods and processes that you will undertake to conduct your

This includes the category of research method (qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods), the specific research type, data collection process, data collation and data analysis process.

Please refer to the Instructions for details on how to complete this task.

A logical background that appropriately reviews the literature pertaining to your specific research
problem provides meaningful context for the reader, whilst establishing your credibility as a scholar
who understands your field and has identified an important area for research. The literature review
therefore provides appropriate context and a well-defined research question creates clarity for the
rest of your thesis strategy. Additionally, a well-constructed research question will assist you in
identifying the most appropriate method for your data collection and analysis.
Remember that your methods must directly relate to your question or problem and in terms of
being the best way to generate answers or to derive meaningful information to ‘solve’ the problem.
A properly constructed and justified research methods / process will support your claims and
inferences, including generalisations made about the data.


1. Literature Review section

To complete the first section for this assessment, you need to demonstrate an understanding of your subject area of interest where you will identify the specific questions that you are seeking to answer.
The literature review section should include:

  • A contextual overview for your area of interest/research.
  • A clear and logical overview of the literature relevant to your research area.
  • ‘Seminal’ work and contemporary research that supports your problem statement  research question(s).
  • A critical evaluation of the literature (not be merely descriptive).
  • The identification of gaps in knowledge, such as areas that have limited or nonexistent understanding.

2. Research Method Section

The research methods section should include:

  • A research problem/ research question(s) with a basis in the knowledge gap identified in Assessment 1 and further explored and explained in the literature review section.
  • The best identified methods to derive meaningful information to ‘solve’ the problem or generate answers to the research question(s).
  • Specific research aims and objectives clearly and succinctly stated.
  • Identification of the methodological orientation / category / classification that your research question(s) align to and justification.
  • Identification of the type of research.
  • Timetable/ action plan.
  • Data collection
  • Data sampling
  • Research ethics
  • Data coding/ analysis
  • Data interpretation

Referencing Style
It is essential that you use appropriate APA (7) style for citing and referencing research.