Word Count : 5000 words

Manuscript Guidelines:

i.  Articles: 3000-5000 words;
ii. Notes/Comments: 2000-2500 words;
iii. Book Reviews: 1500-2500 words.

The articles should include an abstract (300 – 500 words).

Preparing your manuscript for submission Formatting The preferred format for your manuscript is Word.

1. Title and Author Information: following information should be included * Paper title

2. Abstract: The manuscript should contain an abstract, which is self-contained and citation-free, having a word limit of 300-500 words.

3. Keywords: Add about four-five key words or phrases in alphabetical order, separated by comma.

4. Introduction: This section should be succinct,with no subheading and no references.

5. Main Manuscript: Please ensure that the format of your manuscript adheres to these criteria:

i. Double-Spaced.
ii. Contains no more than 5,000 words (including references, notes, tables and figures).
iii. Contains no more than 50 references(except in exceptional circumstances).
iv. Includes the notes, references, tables and charts on separate pages within your manuscript, following the journal  style.
v. Does not contain page numbers, an abstract or keywords

• Use ‘s’ spellings instead of ‘z’ spellings. This means that words ending with ‘-ize’, ‘ization’, etc., will be spelt with ‘s’ (e.g.,’recognise’, ‘organise’, ‘civilise’).
• Use British spellings in all cases rather than American spellings (hence, ‘programme’ not ‘program’, ‘labour’ not ‘labor’, and ‘centre’ and not ‘center’).
• Use single quotes throughout. Double quotes only to be used within single quotes. Spellings of words in quotations should not be changed. Quotations of 45 words or more should be separated from the text and indented with one space with a line space above and below.
• Use ‘twentieth century’, ‘1980s’.Spell out numbers from one to nine, 10 and above to remain in figures. However, for exact measurements, use only figures (3 km,9 per cent, not %). Use thousands and millions, not lakhs and crores.

• Use of italics and diacriticals should be minimized, but used consistently. Tables and figures to be indicated by numbers separately (see Table 1), not by placement (see Table below). All figures and tables should be cited in the text. Source for figures and tables should be mentioned irrespective of whether or not they require permissions.

Referencing style : APA Reference style