Learning Outcomes

  1. Critically analyse the relationship between globalization, health transition and risk
  2. Critically analyse the idea of global health governance
  3. Critically evaluate international strategic responses to global health risks

Provide a clear introduction which gives the reader a clear idea of how you have interpreted the

  • Contextual information and one paragraph or a series of bullet points providing clear
  • Introduce the SDG’s and specifically SDG 3 or equivalent relevant goal linked to your choice of health


Discuss some of the key health risks related to the social and/or commercial determinants of
health in relation to the relevant SDG targets – you can focus in a particular area so this might
be related to NCD’s, CD’s or migration risks (linked to decent work)


Critically evaluate the role of global organisations and their response to your identified risk area.
Things to consider in your analysis include the ability of global organisations to enforce or even implement global agreements. Provide examples of some of the challenges/barriers faced by global actors/organisations in their role to improve global health

Referencing Style : APA