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             To achieve competence in work with family violence contexts within justice environments (VU21915) a learner must meet requirements for all assessment tasks listed before a result of competency can be awarded. Where competency is not achieved your assessor will provide feedback and request further evidence as needed.
It is important that you clearly understand all the requirements of assessment. If you have difficulty with the assessment terms or the steps to follow please speak to your Assessor prior to commencing the tasks. Your Assessor will provide additional information to ensure all aspects of the tasks are clear.

You will be required to undertake a range of assessment tasks to establish competence for
the unit you are undertaking. It is important to understand the types of assessment you may
be required to complete as part of the evidence gathering process.
Please see below the range of assessment methods that will be used in this unit to ensure
competency is appropriately measured and valid, reliable and fair assessment judgements
are made.
The assessor will provide all required information about the assessment process and
conditions prior to the assessment taking place.
1. Questioning
2. Report/essay