Word Count : 2000 words


Identify 5 different elements total (Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement) and compare and contrast your findings. Explain how the difference of industries may contribute to the similarities or differences that you have found between the two companies. Use the following financial statements to inform your findings:
•    Balance sheet:  Assets, Liabilities & Owner’s Equity
•    Income statement: Revenue & Expenses
•    Equity statement:  Owner’s Equity (listed again for presentation purposes)
•    Cash flow – Operating, Investing and Financing Activities

Company Information Research Suggestions:
•    Yahoo Finance
•    Google Finance
•    Company website, generally under the section for investors
•    SEC EDGAR Company Filings (use the Annual 10-K reports, NOT quarterly reports)

Structure of the paper: 
Please limit this assignment to three pages of content, excluding the Cover and References pages.
All papers should include:
– Introduction paragraph
– Body of your paper
– Concluding paragraph
– Cite using APA in text AND a full references section at the end.  Missing one of these elements will require that you resubmit the paper.
– Cite in text financial reports as title and year, such as (Facebook Annual Report, 2021)
– Cite financial reports in references section using company report, year, and link, such as:  Facebook Annual Report. (2021). Retrieved from https://investor

Referencing Style : APA Style

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