Task Details/Description:

Part One: Individual Essay (35% of mark)

Learning and Talent Development in practice is very much focused on two specific strategies: knowledge management and talent management. It is therefore important that practitioners are aware of the theory and critical issues surrounding these types of strategies. Choose either knowledge management OR talent management and

1) discuss its conceptual and theoretical foundations, and

2) the critical issues that practitioners should be aware of when implementing this type of strategy.

You should draw upon relevant, up-to-date research, theory, and evidence to inform your answer.

Part Two: Individual Report (55% of mark)

You are a Learning and Talent Development Consultant and your brief is to design a learning intervention based on a case brief provided or an organisation of your choice following the systematic training cycle. All elements of the systematic training cycle need to be considered. You need to pay close attention to any barriers that might impact this learning intervention and offer possible solutions to these. The report you provide is a “pitch” to the organisation’s senior management team.

Guidance about the format of the report and the required contents will be provided during seminars

Part 3: Engagement with Module (10% of mark) – You must achieve a score of 75% correct answers on each of the weekly quizzes to pass this element.

Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:

1. To evaluate the academic theories and frameworks which underpin strategic human resource learning and development;

2. To synthesise theories and frameworks of talent management and knowledge management and discuss their relevance in contemporary business practice;

3. To apply the systematic training cycle in a business-specific context, to design and evaluate a strategically aligned learning intervention.

Presentation Requirements:

Word Count: Part one = 1,000 words essay format; Part two = 2,000 words report format (both assignments are +/- 10%)

Font Size: 12

Line Spacing: Double spaced

APA/Harvard referencing format should be used (the reference list does not contribute to the word count)

Diagrams, figures and tables may be included (and these do not contribute to the word count)