Word Count : 3500 words

Learning Outcomes :

  1. Critically evaluate ethical and inclusive approaches to leadership, diversity and  organisational wellbeing in professional practice
  2. Critically reflect on the leadership qualities for effectively managing health and  wellbeing in a practice context in relation to professional development.
  3. Understand the principles for leading and developing people
  4. Understand the impact of managing mental health and wellbeing on  organisational performance
  5. Know how to develop a culture of mental health and wellbeing

Assessment Brief: 

This is an individual assignment based on a critical analysis of a real organisational issue.  To complete this assignment, you must choose one of the case studies below from the  choice provided on AULA and complete all 3tasks: 

Historic Coventry Trust  

MalhamDale Consulting  

Highways Scotland

Developing a strategy to lead health (physical and mental) and wellbeing. (1,500 words – 40% of the marks) 

Task 1 – Report (1500 words – 40% of the marks) 

Write a report which critically evaluates the case study company’s current  approach to: 

  1. a) leadership, 
  2. b) diversity, 
  3. c) organisational health and wellbeing. 

Task 2 – Presentation of recommendations (1,500 words equivalent– 40% of the  marks). 

You must include at least 3 recommendations stating what the leaders in the case study  must do to build a culture that values health and wellbeing and diversity. These  recommendations are derived from the findings in your task 1 report which related to the  leadership of diversity and organisational wellbeing within the case study organisation. 

You must justify each recommendation. 

You can choose to present your recommendations using one of the options below: 

  1. a) Create a 10 minute-long PowerPoint presentation plus supporting notes (1500 words) or 
  2. b) Create and present an information leaflet A4 size, 2 sides plus supporting notes (1500  words).

Task 3 – Personal and professional account (500 words – 10% of the marks) 

Using the CMI Code of Conduct and Practice, www.managers.org.uk/code write a critical personal and professional account, answering the following  question: 

Which 2 leadership skills and 2 behaviours you need to develop in order to effectively  manage and develop a culture of health and wellbeing in your current or future career?