Objectives to cover:

  1. This project report includes a concise introduction to the project, an overview of its different components, and the purpose of each section, serving as essential documentation.
  2. The proposed Project Initiation Document (PID) provides simple budgetary information (with up to 10-line items), timescales, objectives, approach, key staff, and stakeholder analysis, without requiring a detailed budget breakdown, which may be appended if needed for clarity.
  3. A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) containing at least 20 items, presented as a diagram with dependencies and milestones or as a bulleted list with sub-tasks, with dependencies shown separately.
  4. A risk register with at least 10 documented risks, detailing owner, mitigation, contingency actions, and pre- and post-action weighting, plus a paragraph on the importance of the risk register.
  5. A discussion on project leadership roles and responsibilities, addressing misconceptions about project management and highlighting its unique challenges.

Reference: Harvard Referencing style