Main Objective of the assessment

The main objectives of this assessment are to develop: –

(1) A critical understanding of application of strategic management theories into business practices of firms

(2) Ability to evaluate the nature and complexity of strategicmanagement practices and examine strategic change issues in the strategy process.

(3) Critical skills with regards to the ability to appraise and synthesise thestrategic analysis of an organisation to craft appropriate strategic recommendations.

(4) Written communication skills in the form of written reports.

Description of the Assessment
Write a critical analysis report ofa selected organization (LEON and demonstrate how relevant strategic management theory, tools and concepts could be applied into the current strategic management practices (Post-Covid-19). The submission consist of two parts:MG5595 Strategic ManagementAssignment/Coursework Brief for 2021/22
Part 1: Situational and Organisational assessment (2 pagetrifold brochure)(50%)
Firstly, evaluate the key environmental factors impacting the industry of the given organisation. Discuss the industry competitiveness, and include its justification.Secondly, assess the strategic resources and competencies of the given organisation. Discuss their core competencies and sustainable competitive advantage, and include its justification .
For part 1, you are required to use strategic tools discussed in class (such as PESTLE, 5 Forces, VRIOS, strategic mapping) as part of your analysis. Please note that we are looking into your critical evaluation derived from doing the analysis, and not the descriptive analysis of the tools. The tools should be included in the appendix.
Part 2: Strategy evaluation (1500 words)(50%)
Firstly, evaluate the current strategy of the organisation basedon what you know of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, derived from your PART 1 analysisand ANSOFF matrix. Secondly, analyse why this strategy might be suitable, acceptable and feasiblefor the organisationFinally, briefly identify and justify another potential strategic direction for the organisation. Given the nature of this analysis there must be a contemporary and inventive flavour to much of the relevant data. You can include the completed tools in the appendix.
You should use  any current evidences from any secondary sources such as published news articles, business magazines, social medias, company reports, websites, market research reports and academic sources e.g. journals articles, books, to demonstrate your in-depth critical evaluation of the company. Appropriate key strategic management theories and concepts should be used to support your critical evaluation

Guideline of your report’s content will be as follows:

(1)Executive summary

(2)Part 1: Situational and Organisational assessment –2 page trifold brochure

(3)Part 2: Strategy evaluation (1500 words)-1500 words that evaluate the current strategy of the organisation based on what you know of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, derived from your PART 1 analysis. From theANSOFF matrix for the organisations, evaluate the current growth strategy based on the generic strategies, SWOT.Offer relevant recommendations(the way forward /strategic options for the company)