Word Count : 3000 words

Write a report which addresses the 4 points set out below, and incorporates academic theories and ideas.

1.Outline Aerotech’s organizational design, i.e. their structural and cultural type

2. Critique the approach that Patrick has taken to re-designing the organization, explaining why you think there are currently issues/problems and what these are

3. Outline any additional data/insights that it might be helpful to have, in order to have a more rounded understanding of the situation 

4. Considering alternative change methodologies, make recommendations as to how Aerotech Inc. proceeds from here, including (a) what changes may improve the situation and (b) how these changes might best be implemented amongst this type of workforce

Knowledge and Understanding

1.Evaluate, critique and discuss the variety of organisational design types that exists in organisations (particularly the structural and cultural norms and patterns of behaviours), understanding why they exist and why they might need to change.
2. Apply theoretical ideas to situations of problematic organisational design and development, referencing the way that processes and systems maintain those structures and practices.
3. Evaluate alternative methodologies and approaches to change management situations and advise organisations about systems-based, fair, inclusive methods that are culturally appropriate and support their realignment strategies.
4. Understand the roots, values and principles (inquiry, participation and collaboration) that underpin
organisational development roles and work, and how OD as an HR specialism adds value to an organisation.

5.Work with others in groups to assess an organisational situation.
6.Map causes of organisational design issues, and problems with established ways of working.

Reference Style : APA 7th edition