Advanced Financial Accounting- HA3011

Assignment Specifications
This assignment aims at assessing students on the Learning Outcomes 1 to 8 as mentioned above.
Assignment Instructions and Requirements
Each student has been allocated a subject company for completing this assignment. In the excel file
“Find Your Company” locatedunder “Assessments”onBlackboard, you will find the listed company that
you have been allocated forthis assignment.
Important note: You are NOT allowed to select your own companies. You must complete this
assignment with the subject company that you have been allocated. Your assignment will not be
marked if you use a different company to the one that you have been allocated, or you will be asked
to resubmit your assignment using the correct company. Students are not allowed to complete the
assignment using the same company as used by another student.
Go to the website of your subject company. Then go to the Investor Relations section of the website.
This section may be called: “Investors”, “Shareholder Information” orsimilar titles. In this section, find
the company’s annual report. Download the firm’s latest annual report and save it to your computer.
For example, these reports may be dated 30 June 2019 or 30 June 2020. Do not use your firm’s interim
financial statements or their concise financial statements.
Once you have downloaded the latest annual report for the company allocated to you, you are
required to undertake the following tasks:
Apply relevant knowledge that you have learned from this course, examine the annual report of your
subject company and other relevant information that you have obtained via your research and
undertake the following tasks:
1- From the annual report of your allocated company and in relation to the elements of the financial report,
provide relevant examples, describe and critically discuss the nature and the benefits of the conceptual
framework for financial accounting.
2- Identify and critically discuss if your allocated company is a reporting entity, provide detailed and relevant
examples and factors to support your argument.
3- Identify and discuss any goodwill including internally generated intangible assets and acquired intangible
assets, and how such items are valued in the financial statements.
4- Explain and discuss the list of Property, Plant and Equipment, including impairment assessments in the
financial statements and the related notes and also explain some of the relevant measurement issues.
For additional guidance for marks allocation, please refer to the marking rubric / guide attached.

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