Research Aim:
Critically identify the challenges and opportunities in complying with the strategic SDG goals in the UAE health care sector

1- Explore existing literature in UAE commitment to strategic SDG

2- Evaluate existing literature on the compliance/ commitment of the UAE  health care systems to the SDGs

3- critically evaluate the challenges and opportunities faced by the UAE health care sector in complying with the SDGs

4- Develop recommendation on how to maximise the benefit from opportunities and mitigate possible risk exposure from challengesSo in that case if you take that links that great you mention on the Proposal that you have your data from that both links as secondary data that has 5 marks while you mention and give description from where you have capture the data

word count :3000 words plus or minus 10 percent excluding references

  • need as example gantt chart and from where access the data and as use secondary data you will mention also that you have access the data from authentic sources you will mention it
  • However there is integrity between the first assignment and proposal but professor not understand the first assignment that why give comments and low marks
  • and also please fix the comments provided in the  assignment 1 
  • The subject should be new not old Not pass on it more than 7 years