The report structure should include the following:

1. Title page (see title page requirement at Annex A)
2. Executive Summary (~500 words)
3. Table of Content
4. Introduction

5. Literature review:

  • Asset Management in general and the importance of performance
    evaluation and asset health monitoring.
  • Summarize your findings on the currently employed asset health
    monitoring technologies and their deficiencies.

6. Application of satellite technology in engineering asset management:

  • Using satellite technology for asset health monitoring
  • Benefits of adopting satellite technology in engineering asset
    management; particularly for linear and infrastructural assets.
  • Current advancements

7. Case study on a linear or infrastructural asset

  • Asset Description
  • Failure mode analysis and identification of condition indicators
  • Benefits of satellite-based maintenance management over time-based
    maintenance strategies
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of satellite-based condition monitoring
  • CBM framework for the asset using satellite technology
  • Economic feasibility study

8. Conclusion
9. Reference List (cite using APA Style)
10. Appendixes (not included in word count)

Reference: APA Reference style