Word Count : 2500 words

Learning outcomes:  

  1. Understand the principles of Lean Management and Six Sigma Quality. 
  2. Ability and understanding of how to carry out Process Improvement. 
  3. Ability and understanding of how to use Lean and Improvement tools to identify and solve process problems 
  4. Critical application and understanding of how to apply Lean and Improvement techniques in real-world environment. 
  5. Synthesise and critically evaluate lean improvement methodologies and have an understanding of how they are linked to environmental, social and governance factors in sustainability.

Assessment Task

Explore how lean management and process improvement can contribute to ESG  progress in a specific sector – you may choose both a particular industry and a specific  country to analyse.

ESG targets will encompass addressing environmental, social and governance issues  where relevant.

Assessment details:

Individual written report, (2,500 words +/- 10%) 

Referencing Style :

Use Harvard Referencing throughout the assignment where required. Please follow the Harvard Referencing Handbook for  your assignment at the ULBS.  

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