Firstly for breadth, you will reflect briefly upon your experience, This section will briefly list what engaged you, what surprised you and how it will potentially impact your employability or wealth creation. Support your statements with a suitable example from your professional or academic experience and reference theory to credible academic sources. (‘citethemright’ Harvard referencing style)


For depth of reflection, you will reflect in depth through the application of a reflective model.
This would be the In-Depth analysis of ONE of the mental wealth competencies. How you are more aware of the situation and in the light of your increased awareness of the mental wealth competencies. The reflection should finally record how this mental wealth competency will potentially impact your Employability, Professional Fitness and Wealth creation. Your future course of action in terms of acquiring or further developing the chosen mental wealth competency should also be elaborated


Choose ONE of the models listed below and apply it in full, to properly structure your reflective report.


 Gibb’s Reflective Model:


 Kolb’s Reflective Model:


IMPORTANT ADVICE- You are NOT expected to write extensive descriptions of the reflective models, you are only expected to apply them to structure your work.


Marking criteria for the reflective account:

Your reflection will be related to your awarding body’s requirements in these areas, will refer to relevant academic sources and theories, and will identify future learning outcomes based on your reflection. The criteria to evaluate in a reflective writer are:
(1) Critique; (2) Usage of reflective framework to conduct in-depth analysis (3) and Clarity and professional writing.

Sturcture of the reflective task:

  • Introduction
  • Critique
  • In-depth using reflective model
  • conclusion