Word Count : 5000 words

Research Objectives

  • To Propose a Novel Dynamic Vritual Machine
    Placement technique which is Network aware and energy aware.
  • To Propose a Virtual Machine Placement strategy suitable for Software Defined Cloud
  • To propose a Novel Resource Provisioning architecture for Software Defined Cloud

Problem Statement

The Virtual Machine Provisioning on Physical. Servers in cloud faces issues such as more energy consumption and process time because of varied topologies of cloud networks and its heterogeneous nature. It leads to inefficient use of Physical Servers. Current Virtual Machine allocation Schemes needs to be improved to adapt heterogeneous cloud environments and advanced SDN Cloud architectures.

Research methodology

Step 1: Mathematical Modelling of the Research Problem.

Step 2: Algorithm Design and implementation of proposed technique.

Step 3: Simulation of the Propose technique using simulation tools for cloud.

Step 4: Evaluating the results of the simulation by comparing
with the well established standard techniques already available for the problem.

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