Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this module, learners will be able to:

1. Critically evaluate the strategic position of organisations in a variety of contexts and evaluate their available applied strategic choices using relevant analytical tools.

2. Critically analyse how organisations can effectively and efficiently implement strategic choices to deliver a sustainable competitive advantage.

3. Demonstrate an awareness of the ethical and social responsibilities of businesses today to inform business and applied strategic decisions in a variety of contexts.

4. Critically assess the effectiveness of applied strategy and requirement for corrective action to address any strategic or performance gaps.

5. Formulate and defend coherent and persuasive arguments for the adoption of innovative strategies in a range of business and organisational situations, using interdisciplinary teams as an assessment tool.

Learning Activities:

Each week will consist of a number of different activities:

1. Presentation of concepts and theories using slides and video.

2. Case Study exercises to illustrate theory by showing application in relevant companies

3. Problem solving exercises to inspire students to think strategically ……

4. Class discussion to encourage group interaction.

5. Students presentations to encourage personal and group communication skills.


A formal written report (5000 +-10% words excluding appendices) setting out the background to the consulting assignment and addressing the three principal requirements specified below. Also, a 5-10 slide presentation (excluding cover sheet and team introduction page) with a 5-7 minute voiceover in a PPT file.

● The assignment must be submitted in electronic format using Moodle. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that their submission is accessible, and to keep an electronic copy of it in a separate storage device.

● The report to the Board of Directors should contain the following principal elements: 1 An analysis of the organisation’s external environment highlighting, in particular, the major trends evident in the organisation’s environment, the opportunities and threats posed by these trends, and the implications of same for the future strategy of the organisation (35 marks) 2 An analysis of the organisation’s internal strategic capability in terms, especially, of its ability to respond to the external opportunities and threats identified previously (35 marks) 3 The group’s conclusions and recommendations for the future strategic direction of the organisation in the light of 1 and 2 above (highlighting the various strategy development options open to it) (20 marks) 4 Summary presentation, incorporating items 1 through 3 above (10 marks)


Individual Self- Reflection Report Each group member must submit a 1000 word (+/-10%) REFLECTIVE report to be included in the appendices of the main Group Report; Each piece needs to be clearly labelled with your name and student number.