Word Count : 2800 words

Learning Outcomes :

Knowledge and understanding:

  • Define and evaluate selected key theories and concepts associated with the main characteristics and processes of teams, the issues facing teams, and the organizational context of teams.
  • Critically appraise selected key theories and techniques associated with the groups and teams in an organization, organizational structures, and management processes.

Intellectual/professional skills and abilities:

  • Empowered with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to create, participate in, and effectively lead real and virtual project-orientated teams.
  • Critically review the literature on team dynamics, management, and organizational behaviour and engage with what others have written through evaluative discourse.

Personal values attributes:

  • Exhibit the professional ethics characteristics of a University postgraduate student.

Peer Review
You will submit a digital copy (in Microsoft Office Word format) of your draft coursework to a Turnitin digital submission tool called ‘Peer Review’ in the ‘Assessment and Submission’ folder on the Bb site.You must submit your draft coursework anonymously. You must take care when uploading your digital file containing your draft coursework. Your first submission attempt will be deemed final and cannot be changed later if you accidentally submit the wrong file.The word limit for your coursework is 2,800 words. You must also ensure you write more than 1,500 words for your draft coursework. You should include a draft abstract of your draft coursework. Your draft abstract has a 200-word limit, which is independent of the word limit for your draft coursework.When you write your draft coursework, you must ensure that you present it with the following specifications: 25 mm page margins; 12-point Ariel font; 11/2-line-spacing.

Course Work

Think of all the groups to which you have belonged and which groups with which you are most familiar.
These groups can be in public-, private-, or third-sector organizations; sporting or recreational settings; or other types of environments. When you have chosen only one group to use as the contextual setting for your coursework, you must write an academic paper in which you:
1. Briefly describe your chosen group (without naming the organization or any of its members);
2. Critically reflect upon the role you played as a member of your chosen group;

3. Compare and contrast the role you played as a member of your chosen group with your Belbin team
role preference(s);
4. Selectively evaluate the group dynamics concerning the role you played in your chosen group and how you could have improved your overall performance;
5. Underpin your critical reflections with the academic literature you have encountered when studying
the module.

Referencing Style : Harvard