Research Report – Annotated Bibliography &Discussion

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Your task in this report is to write a research report. Please refer to the guide when preparing
your report to see what criteria and standards will be used to assess the work

Research report:
Your task in this report is to write a research report. This report is designed to demonstrate
your familiarity with the underlying complex technology and industry terminology that will
help you leverage the Dark Web and analyse data discovery to strengthen your security
position. It will also start your journey towards gaining the knowledge to establish relevant
policies and procedures based on research and fact-finding foundations.
Please refer to the guide when preparing your report to see what criteria and standards will be
used to assess your work
Your report will consist of two parts:
Part 1: Annotated Bibliography
Refer to the following resources to help you set up your annotated bibliography
What is an annotated bibliography:
Sample annotated bibliography:

  1. A set of topics* is listed below. Choose one topic you are really interested in or is
    closely related to your professional practice.
  2. You are required to conduct a literature search on a topic of your choice. You
    should choose at least three research papers, journal articles or conference
    papers). To start you off, you will include the following article.
    Hatta, M. (2020). Deep web, dark web, darknet. Annals of Business
    Administrative Science, 2020, 19(6), 277-292.
    Topics Set*:
    • Cybersecurity threat landscape during COVID-19
    • Malware as a Service (MaaS) during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • ToR Network
    • Dark Web forensics

    • Network traffic analysis
    Part 2: Discussion
    From your annotated bibliography answer the following discussion questions:
  3. Identify any important issue/s that you believe were not addressed (or not
    addressed adequately) in the literature.
  4. Explain why you view this issue/these issues as important.
  5. Discuss what you believe to be the most important lesson you have learnt as a
    result of your literature research.
  6. Develop recommendations on how this knowledge will improve the security of
    your workplace.
    This report task need to work towards the following outcome/s:
    • Need to be able to differentiate between theoretical and cross-disciplinary
    approaches to the dark web.
    • Need to be able to distinguish and classify the forms of cybercriminal activity
    through the dark web, and the technological and social engineering methods used
    to undertake such crimes.
    • Need to be able to investigate assumptions about the behaviour and role of
    offenders and victims in the dark web.
    • Need to be able to analyse and assess the impact of cybercrime, along with the
    mitigating techniques used to defend against cybercrime.
    • Need to be able to discuss, analyse and apply dark web-related research and
    • Your submission must be in a form readable by Microsoft Word or PDF/Acrobat format
    • Your answers to the questions should be precise but complete and informative. The
    guideline about the expected length of your reports in terms of the number of words is
    1500 – 2000;
    • A cover page (outside the page limit) must be included and should contain relevant
    identifying information.
    For this report, you are required to use APA 7
    th standard referencing to acknowledge the
    sources that you have used in preparing your report.