CIS3015-N Research Paper on Specialist Networks

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Specialist Networks 2019/20

The assessment consists of a single component assessing all learning outcomes.

You are required to work individually and select a subject area from among those included in the module and choose an avenue of investigation and implementation with that chosen area as the theme.

Submission will be a report into their work presented in the format of a research paper, including identification and assessment of relevant previous published work, a full description of their work and its significance and correctly formatted references. There is no requirement for academic novelty. (Guideline of 3500 words). Reports substantially longer than the word count risk being penalized.

The School operates a standard procedure for providing feedback to students in line with the University’s Assessment and Feedback Policy.

Please be aware that your topic must have been previously agreed with the module tutor. Agreed proposals must be submitted on or before Friday, 14 February 2020, 4:00 pm.

A typical paper will be structured as follows: –

  • Title – Depicts contents of the paper clearly
  • Authors – Recognition of the contributors to the paper
  • Abstract – Summary of the paper/ What was done
  • Introduction – Explanation of the problem and contributions
  • Background – Description of the area of research.
  • Methods/Research findings- Description of data approach/ data collection
  • Results- Description of findings/discovery
  • Discussion/ Reflection/ Conclusion- Discussion of the implications of findings
  • References – Recognition of previous published work used in the paper
  • Appendix – Proposal form


Paper should be formatted in accordance with IEEE guidelines.


  • Completed report proposal form. This should be submitted by the deadline and must be included in the appendix of the paper.

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