Word Count : 1000 words

Assessment Information

  • This assignment is an individual assignment.
  • This assignment requires you to consider organizations that operate in the smartphone industry and to write a report that addresses the following task:

Critically evaluate how industry structure affects organizational culture and how this impacts strategic decisions and ethical conduct. Use examples of specific organizations to aid your analysis and provide recommendations to resolve the ethical dilemma.

Your report should follow the below structure: 

  • Introduction – 200 words
  • Discussion and critical evaluation – 600 words
  • Conclusion and recommendations – 200 words

Critical discussion of the business ethics

To perform this task you should first analyze the industry or sector environment to understand the competitive pressures organizations are exposed to. To aid your analysis, you should then consider organization(s) that gained attention through ethical misconduct. After examining their organizational structure and culture, a critical evaluation of the organizations’ ethical behavior in the context of strategic decision making might follow. It is expected that you evaluate to what extent organizations in that particular industry have the freedom to proactively adopt ethical practices.

Note: You will be expected to use insight obtained from the core textbook, relevant additional reading from the lectures (available on Aula) and your own research using the University’s library facilities (locate.coventry.ac.uk).