The assignment

     This module’s workshop essay will allow you to complete the research you will need for your Module 5 essay: the Researched Argument. Select a specific, debatable, fresh topic. It may be the same topic you have previously explored through the Argument Analysis, the Issue Analysis, and/or the Causal Analysis. Find five sources representing different perspectives on the topic. For each source, you will provide a citation, a brief summary of the key information provided by the source, a description of the source’s rhetorical context, and an explanation of the source’s usefulness for your essay.


Your annotated bibliography must include the following components:

     Citations and annotations for five sources, organized in alphabetical order. At least two of the sources must be scholarly sources from peer-reviewed journals (refer to the handout in the Module 3 resources on how to find such sources). All sources, whether scholarly or not, must be credible sources. You must evaluate the quality of the sources you find; include only those sources that you deem to be of appropriate quality for your research. Do not include Wikipedia pages, PowerPoint or Prezi presentations by other students available online, etc.

Citations must be in MLA style with hanging idents.

Annotations must be 7-10 sentences, including the following:

· Summarize the main points of the source. Write the summary in your own words without using quotes.

· Describe the rhetorical context (author’s credentials, purpose, intended audience) and any available information about the credibility and/or bias of the authors or publishers

· Describe the usefulness of the source to your research, including the perspective that the source represents. You might compare the source to other sources in your bibliography.


· Length: Minimum 1000 words.

· Typeface: 12-point, standard professional typeface such as Times New Roman

· Spacing: Double

· Margins: 1-inch

· Heading on Page 1: Four lines with your name, instructor’s name, date, and course

· Title: Centered on line after header. Title should be specific to your topic and not a generic label such as Essay 4 or Annotated Bibliography.