Word Count : 2500 words

Module Title                : Decision Making and Risk

Module Code               : 7004SSLA

Assignment Number : CW1

Assignment Title        : Individual Assignment

                                              Assignment Brief Mode E and R Regulations

Module Learning Outcomes :
1. Identify and critically evaluate sources of data and information and use data to make strategic decisions.
2. Comprehend the range of tools and techniques available as support for decision-making.
3. Critically assess the various influences and factors affecting the process of decision-making.
4. Identify and analyse risk-based decision-making to make informed choices.
5. Evaluate and understand the complexity of the international context when taking decisions.
6. Critically analyse and recognise the increased risk associated with global decision-making.

Assignment TWO (CW2) :

This assignment will generally assess your overall knowledge you acquired from this module, butspecifically will addresslearning outcomes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. It has a value of 10 credits out of the overall 15 assessment credits.
Choose a company from the list of Fortune500 (https://fortune.com/fortune500/2020/search/. You
will have to critically read the recent annual report/s of the company (mainly the CEO message), and
the recent news on the company and identify a recent global strategic decision made/or to be made
by the company (you could identify this decision mainly from the CEO message in the company Annual Report), then prepare an initial Conceptual Report to help supporting the company’sstrategic
decision and identifying the main associated risks of this strategic option.

To prepare your report, critically undertake the following tasks:
1. Executive summary.
2. Background of Company/Group, regional, national and global strategy, mission and vision
statements, customer segment(s), potential competitors, product/service offering, and
business values and customer value proposition.

3. Identify the range of tools and techniques available as support for the strategic decision you
identified from your reading of the annual report/news, and the various factors affecting this
strategic decision.
4. Critically evaluate, analyse and recognise the various types of potential associated internal
and external risks with this global strategic decision.
5. Fromtask 4 above, critically identify the top three criticalrisks and yoursuggestionsto manage
them, based on your understanding to the company global marketstrategy.

Referencing Style

If you are a business student and joined Coventry University in September 2020 or later please use APA referencing, if you joined prior to this date you may use APA or the existing Harvard Reference Style (see CU LibGuide) that you are familiar with. Law students should use OSCOLA. Please be consistent in the referencing style that you use and use it correctly to avoid a case of plagiarism or cheating being brought. If you are unsure, please contact the Centre for Academic Writing, your Progression Coaches or a member of the course team.