Word Count : 2500

Main Objective of the assessment
The central theme in MG5598 is to study methodologies and techniques for technology management. Concepts and theories have been introduced in lectures to help you understand the relevant issues. It is, however, expected of you that you draw on your own reading around the subject matter, outside of the lectures. This coursework provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the topic. This coursework is designed to demonstrate your understanding of the recent developments in technology management.
Your coursework, in the form of a report, needs to cover the following aspects. The means and approaches surrounding technology and business development, business models and business value creation, as well as business process management. Creativity and business development using modern technology and how such technology informs leading edge business practice. The theories and practices around business models and strategies for business management and how modern technology supports these, as well as approaches to the development process.

1. Introduction and Brief Analysis of the Situation
– What is background of the firm (e.g. country, industry)?
– Why does this company need technology management recommendations?
– What kind of technology management proposal are you making (e.g. new product development, new service development, new business model)?
2. Analysis of the Current Situation of the firm
– What products or services are offered by your chosen firm? What are the main competitors in this market/sector? – What are the main opportunities and
challenges within the industry in which your client’s firm operate?
– What tools, frameworks and data do you need to analyse the current challenges and opportunities for your client?
3. Technology Planning for the Firm
– What technology management tools are you using to develop a framework to help the firm to analyse the challenge/opportunity.
– What are the strategic steps does the firm need to take to tackle the challenge/realise the opportunity?
4. Technology Implementation and Evaluation
– What are the key success indicators and main risks associated with the firm’s new technological direction?
– What are the mitigation strategies/tactics for the potential risks associated with this new strategic direction

This individual report is expected to be analytical and critical: analytical in terms of integrating findings and information based on secondary
sources with key concepts discussed in the lectures relevant to technology management; and critical in terms of providing your critical reflections and
practical recommendations. An excellent report should demonstrate analytical, critical and independent thinking. Use of visuals (e.g. figures, tables,
infographics, images) is strongly recommended.


In-text citations and reference list should follow Harvard referencing. For more details about how to cite and reference academic journals, books, book chapters, magazines and websites, please click here: https://libguides.brunel.ac.uk/referencing/harvard.