The case study on  Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems will consist of four (4) questions:

PART A – Using the Case Study provided:

Question 1: Give a brief description of the main OHS responsibilities of the parties under the WHS legislation and at common law for:

(a)  CFM Production workers (original and LHF labour hire)
(b)  Meals First staff
(c)  Paul Roberts.              

Question 2: What are four (4) significant OHS risks associated with the use of labour hire and subcontracting arrangements that need to be considered.    

Question 3: What recommendations would you give management to address the OHS risks you have highlighted in Question 2.  

PART B – Using the case study provided:

Question 4: Outline the possible worker’s claims for injury both statutory and at common law. Consider the elements (e.g., Section 32 WCRA, Negligence) for each type of claim.

Reference style: APA Referencing style