Word Count : 4000 words

Learning Outcomes

  1. To evaluate the feasibility of a project and to convince capital suppliers about it. 
  2. To identify the “macro” market position to analyze potential business opportunities.
  3. To define market opportunities and to take profit from market changes.
  4. To present a Business Plan in a professional way, integrating financial, marketing and HR aspects.
  5. Understand how to make the “elevator pitch” to sell your vision, to evaluate the feasibility of a project and to convince capital suppliers about it.

Assignment Overview:

Individual written project:

Taking the feasibility presentation created, use the information and assign it to your specific business Interest and write a full business plan for your desired business.
To present a marketing plan that will include a full industry analysis, identifying micro and macro influences, competitor profiles, positioning and strategies that will result in the effective and successful sale of your product.
Your business plan will include the final marketing, operational and financial plans that will comprehensively determine the feasibility of your business.

Assessment tasks

  • External analysis using a Value Chain and Porters 5 forces to identify opportunities and threats as part of the External factors effect matrix. This will demonstrate the viability of the business.
  • Competitor profiling using the benchmark analysis and determination of your vulnerability within your market based on your competitors positioning and size.
  • Using the Ansoff matrix and Porters generic strategies define your product and evaluate its perception.

  • With all the above analyses, identify your 

  1. Target market, and justify who they are and why they have been chosen. (10)
  2. The key message (s) you are communicating to your potential clients / markets / users based on product, perception, pricing, positioning. Include the different channels / collaborations you will use to distribute your products / services and how they will be promoted also. (15)
  3. Explain the media you will use to communicate your specific message, bearing in mind there are different media for different segments. Recognise also the demographic of your clients and if this alters in any way the message, without undermining your core values.. Consistency throughout your media is very important. (10)

You must state clearly why specific messages and media were selected, supporting this with findings from your research either secondary or primary.

Estimate the success of your project highlighting

  1. Price of the product
  2. Number of clients over defined time periods (20)