Word Count : 2500 words

Learning Outcomes :

  • Showcase extensive comprehension of the range of businesses’ responsibilities and the  CSR imperative to create positive impact (social value).
  • Evidence originality in the integration and application of appropriate models and  techniques in analysing the responsibility of firms for their impact on society.
  • Critically analyse and evaluate dilemmas faced by business organizations in confronting  their corporate responsibilities.
  • Articulating effective evidence-based arguments in writing

Assessment Task  

This is a widely cited piece, often used by advocates of corporate social responsibility to  persuade us of the weakness / irresponsibility of the shareholder model of capitalism. It is  advised that you read the original version of the Friedman text (see reading list for article  details/reference).

Assessment Support 

Specific support sessions for this assessment will be provided by the module team and notified  through NILE. You can also access individual support and guidance for your assessments from  Library and Learning Services. Visit the Skills Hub to access this support and to discover the  online support also available for assessments and academic skills.  

Academic Integrity and Misconduct 

Unless this is a group assessment, the work you produce must be your own, with work taken from  any other source properly referenced and attributed. This means that it is an infringement of  academic integrity and, therefore, academic misconduct to ask someone else to carry out all or  some of the work for you, whether paid or unpaid, or to use the work of another student whether  current or previously submitted.