Word Count : 2500 words

The assignment is structured in five sections, each of slightly different approximate word lengths, with a maximum total word length of 2,500 words:

1. Introduction and research design (200 words approx):

This should briefly describe the research design of your chosen paper and comments about how this promotes healthcare quality or quality improvement. You may need to reference other related literature.

2. The research question / aims of the research (400 words approx):

Comment on the research question, its appropriateness and how the author(s) breaks down the enquiry into clear aims and objectives, which can be addressed or answered at the end of the process.

3. Relationship to other literature (500 words approx):

How does this research sit alongside other research in this field of study?
Does this research address a gap in knowledge?
How well does the author(s) of the paper analyse the literature they have chosen?
4. Methodological discussion (500 words approx):

How clear is the methodological approach chosen and how well described is it?
Do you think you could replicate this study?
Is the chosen methodology appropriate and does this link to the methods chosen?
Have they addressed ethical implications?
5. Presentation of data, analysis and conclusion (900 words approx):

This is the main part of your discussion. You need to show your ability to critique the paper’s discussion and main argument, which involves drawing on other academic or research papers:

How well is the data presented and analysed?

You need to show the strengths and weaknesses of the paper’s results and how these apply to the concept of healthcare quality and / or quality improvement.