Word Count : 2500 words

Learning outcomes:

  1. Understand importance and elements of digital transformation, critically evaluate and plan its impact and implementation.
  2. Comprehension, appreciation, and management of the complex stakeholder management relationships that must be considered in a fast paced and changing business environment.
  3. Identify, foster and encourage innovative idea creation processes.
  4. Ability to critically analyse, synthesise and evaluate findings to prepare and execute plans for innovation and change management programmes, identifying and eliminating blockers and engage accelerators.

Research Activities to prepare report:
a) Choose an industry in which you would like to innovate. Focus on an existing product or service as a starting point.
b) Create a primary research instrument which you would use to gather information from potential customers (this might include customer interviews, surveys, or focus groups).

c) Conduct secondary research to justify your selection of your Customer Personas and identify basic information.

d) Create a Customer Persona Canvas for at least 3 potential customers of your innovation, explaining the Jobs to Be Done for each persona. Select one Persona as your key customer. Develop a Customer Journey Map for the key customer, showing the steps they go through to experience the product or service in the existing market and the pain points they encounter.
e) Create a Solutions Canvas with at least 3 possible solutions to solve the key customer’s JTBD. Each solution should be able to stand alone without the others.
f) Choose your favourite solution (it must be digital). List at least 3 major assumptions you made about the favourite solution.
g) Select the most uncertain and most important assumption and propose 2 experiments to test it.
h) Think about how you will manage the change that the innovation will bring about (whether inside an existing company, or with a start-up company). Who all will be impacted by this change? What problems can you envision?

Your report must cover the following points:

1. Explain the innovation and how technology enabled it. Would you classify this as an incremental (sustaining) or radical (disruptive) innovation? Why?
2. Explain the findings of your secondary market research and what you discovered.
3. Attach a copy of the questionnaire, survey or focus group design that you created. (You should not perform this research, just show the instrument that you would use if you were to do the research).
4. Show your Customer Persona Canvas (with JTBD for each of 3 Personas) and Journey Map (for only 1 persona).
5. Show your Solutions Canvas with at least 3 possible solutions for the key customer’s JTBD (only do this for 1 persona). Remember, the chosen solution must be digital.
6. Identify assumptions for the solution chosen and outline 2 experiments to test the most critical assumption.
7. Describe the change management approach that would be most appropriate for this type of change. Explain why you chose that approach and for whom the change is being managed.

Referencing: Harvard Style