Word Count : 2000 words

Theme: Project Management

The report should include: 

  1. An executive summary 
  2. Introduction 
  3. A detailed work breakdown structure (WBS) 
  4. A critical path diagram indicating slack time, critical path, and project timeline.
  5. A Gantt Chart and milestones, including scheduling  
  6. Risk analysis of the project and the mitigative actions 
  7. Planning and monitoring process of the project  
  8. Stakeholder/communication management 
  9. Quality and HR aspects of the project  
  10. Recommendation and conclusion

Main Body: 

  • Present a critical evaluation and discussion of the current “state of the art” for the body of  knowledge under review according to categories and/or conceptual subjects.


Summarise (i) major contributions of significant studies (articles, texts, or journals) and  (ii) the current “state of the art” for the body of knowledge under review by pointing out  gaps in research, inconsistencies in theory, and findings and/or issues.

Reference Style : IEEE Format