Word Count : 1000 words

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

    1.  Explain the main concepts of current and intelligent technologies for information search and retrieval applications.
    2. Analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of information systems.
    3. Communicate effectively, the findings, challenges, and solutions to problems in information systems  explaining the methods and technical details.

Assessment Task

  • Task 1: Review of the Inverted Index Data StructureDiscussion on the inverted index including why it is useful for information retrieval (IR) tasks (2 grades) (~400 words). 
  • Task 2: Experiments with Stemming – a comparison of IR system performance with and  without stemming: Discussion on the impact of stemming on efficiency and effectiveness of IR system (2  grades) (~400 words). 
  • Task 3: Experiments with Alternative Keyword Queries and Weighting Schemes – a  retrieval evaluation of 3 weighting schemes on a test collection with 2 supplied queries: a) Precision-Recall Graphs and b) Discussion of Topic Retrieval Result  and  c) Discussion of Weighting Function Retrieval Results.

Reference Style : Harvard