Objectives to cover:

  1. Norman McLennan’s Risk Matrix Approach:
    Norman McLennan, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in offshore and maritime construction projects, outlines a systematic approach to risk identification and assessment. He utilizes a modified version of the risk matrix, which categorizes risks based on their probability and the potential
    impact on the project. This matrix helps in visually segregating high-risk scenarios from moderate and low-
    risk ones, allowing teams to prioritize their risk management efforts effectively. McLennan emphasizes the
    importance of a comprehensive initial project scope, which aids in identifying potential risks early on. This
    proactive approach is crucial in mitigating risks before they become costly issues.
  2. Mike Meen’s Environmental Risk Assessments:
    Mike Meen highlights the critical nature of environmental considerations within construction projects. His approach involves conducting thorough environmental risk assessments to understand and mitigate the impacts of construction activities on natural ecosystems. These assessments are crucial in ensuring
    compliance with environmental regulations and in preventing delays and fines associated with non – compliance. Meen’s strategy underscores the necessity of integrating environmental risk management into the overall project risk management framework to ensure holistic project success.
    3. Craig McAndie’s Stakeholder Engagement:
    Craig McAndie advocates for a robust stakeholder engagement process as a means of risk identification. By involving various stakeholders—including clients, contractors, and community representatives—from the early stages of a project, McAndie ensures that all potential risks are voiced and considered. This inclusive approach not only helps in identifying a wider range of risks but also aids in fostering cooperation among stakeholders, thereby enhancing the collective ability to address these risks.

Reference: Risk Management Referencing system