Word Count : 3000

Main Objective of the assessment
The coursework is required to cover all learning outcomes, as it is 100% of the assessment.
• To demonstrate an understanding of International Marketing
• To show how an understanding of both the theory and practice of International Marketing
• To show a good understanding of the subject matter of the individual essay
• To demonstrate an understanding of the material taught on the module.

Description of the Assessment
Answer one of the below three questions. This should be written as a single essay though with two parts reflecting Part A and Part B. Use examples and do
not present the work as a single case study answer. The essay should be 3,000 words in length not including references. At least ten academic references
should be used.

1. Marketing Communication and Environment
Part A
What is Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)? Analyse the roles that communication plays in the international marketing process.
Part B
Why should a marketer have good understanding/knowledge of a country’s environment when developing a communication campaign?

2. Culture and International Marketing
Part A
Discuss the importance of cultural effects in international marketing.
Part B
Choose two culturally different countries and applying Hofstede’s and Hall’s theories on culture to illustrate how a company adjusts its marketing strategy in
each country due to cultural differences. Apply one of the following examples of a finance or a charity (e.g., WWF, Greenpeace, OXFAM etc.)

3. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
Part A
What is segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP)? Why STP is so important to the international marketing process?
Part B
Discuss why brands sometimes change aspects of their STP in international markets. Provide an example of a brand which has adapted its STP
in an international market and explain why adaptation has taken place.