Word Count : 3000 words


Provide a complete assessment of the company you are currently working for using the assessment tools from this course, which should also have been discussed in your Interim Assessment paper (McKinsey 7-S framework, Balanced Scorecard, SWOT Analysis, PESTLE, etc.). If you were the CEO, what would you change and why? Please provide your recommendations for change, and “Before” and “After” Organizational charts showing the current management structure and how you propose to change it and why. If you are not working currently, use a past employer. If you work for a multi-national company, use the business unit you are working for to provide this assessment.

This Final Assessment should be written as an essay and be 4500 words (+ or – 10%), and should demonstrate skills of critical reflection, effective communication and balanced judgement. Scripts that are excessively long (i.e. exceeding the page limit) will not be read beyond the point of the page limit; there is no minimum page limit. Do not put your name on the paper. A reference List is mandatory, using the Harvard Style.

The overall structure should be as follows:

1. Cover Page (1 page)

2. Table of Contents/List of Exhibits (1 page)

3. Abstract

4. Main Body of Work

5. List of References

Grading will be based on the following breakdown:

– Use of materials covered in the forum 10%

– Use of external research 10%

– Use of a combination of tools for analysis 30%

– Critical analysis 20%

– Recommendation for change 20%

– Referencing and Editing, Grammar 10%


For this Interim Assessment, you will be required to write an essay, researching and identifying the assessment tools that are available to provide an analysis of the company. In this course we have discussed the different tools available to provide company analysis. Your reading and research should identify the tools and how they are used. Please focus on a combination of tools discussed in Unit 2.1 of the OB forum: Expanded 7-S framework; Balanced Scorecard, SWOT & PESTLE analysis. What are the merits and demerits of each? The research you conduct for the interim assessment will also part of the required content of your final assessment paper. This Interim paper will be 1500 words (+ or – 10%). A reference list is mandatory, using the Harvard Style. The Interim Assignment is not graded but you will receive feedback on it.