Word Count : 2500 words

Critically evaluate the following statement: 

At its best, performance management is a holistic set of processes. It brings together many  principles that enable good people management practice, including learning and development,  performance measurement and organisational development.”

Assessment criteria:  

  • Evidence of wide reading and use of learning resources 
  • The clarity of your understanding of relevant concepts 
  • Critical thinking and judgement 
  • Coherence in the discussion you develop 
  • The quality of the organisation and structure of your argument 
  • Effective use of language (clarity of expression)
  • The correct use of referencing (APA or Harvard style).

Additional instructions: 

  • The coursework should be word-processed and written in an appropriate academic style. The total word count (excluding references) must be in the range stated. You should base your work only on authoritative sources.  
  • You should include at least 10 different references.
  • You should ensure that you have fully acknowledge the work of others by using in-text  citations (in the body of the text) and a full list of references at the end.

  • The coursework will be processed with plagiarism detection software.