Word Count: 3000

Assessment Criteria:

Learning Outcomes:

Knowledge and Understanding tested in this assignment: 1.Evaluate and apply models of environmental analysis and in particular cultural analysis

2.Evaluate and apply appropriate global marketing strategies

3.Formulate and evaluate plans for the implementation of global marketing strategies.

Learning Outcomes: Skills and Attributes tested in this assignment:

4 Gather, interpret and evaluate secondary global marketing data

5.Explain and critique different global marketing strategies

6.Advise on global marketing plans in terms of developmentimplementation and control across cultures 

Assessment Brief

7BSP1271 Marketing Across Cultures –Assessment SEM B 2021-22 An analysis and evaluation of the impact of culture on a company’s global marketing strategy.

Purpose of the assessment

The aim of the assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of how a global corporation strategically designs its marketing operations across global markets and cultures and how this impacts on its activities or proposed activities.

To achieve this you will outline a marketing plan which highlights the impact of culture.

Your Specific Instructions:

You are an international business consultant. To complete this assignment, you are required to produce a report which identifies and critically analyses the potential impact of culture on your client’s marketing strategy when entering a new market.Using your research, illustrate and explain through reference to academic theory, cultural models and frame works, cultural issues that may impact upon your chosen company’s global marketing strategy and activities when entering a new market.

You must select a real companyfor this assignment from ONE of the following sectors A.Clothing Retail B.Hotels & Travel Services C.Electric and Hybrid Cars D.Food and Drink Retail You are required to submit a marketing plan which includes the following:

1.A cover sheet with the title of your report -not included in the word count, student number [NOT YOUR NAME AS WE OPERATE ANONYMOUS MARKING], your word count for the report onlynot including your reference list and any appendices.

2.Table of contents (Basic numbering of headings and page numbers)

3.Introduction –background including a briefdescription of the company

4.Situation analysis a.An analysis of the company, its current context, customers, competition, collaborators

5.Your recommended objectives and strategy with specific reference to cultural theory including market opportunities and threats that you have identified.

6.A proposed marketing mix (4 or 7 Ps as appropriate) which makes reference to the impact of cultural theory in the market you are recommending that your client should enter.


8.Recommendations for the next three years.


You should follow a report structure using headings and sub-headings. Include appendices if necessary, but these MUST be referred to in the main part of the report.

Further guidance on the requirements will be provided via lecture content and AEB classes. Formative tasks which support this assignment will be set in weeks 3,5,7 and 9 –further details will be given in online tutorials.