Assignment-Advance Structural Analysis

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Bridge Decks
Bridge deck is the part of a bridge which cab be used as the roadway for vehicular or pedestrian
traffic. There are many forms of decks like Girders, arches, trusses, rails, posts and cantilevers. The
types of decks can be classified based on the materials from which they are made and the way in
which they are fitted together.
The different types of bridge decks are as follows:
Concrete Bridge Deck:
Concrete bridge decks are the decks made up of concrete which is laid in sections or in one loop. To
increase the strength and flexibility of these bridge decks steel beams are placed in the concrete
these steel beams helps the bridge to control the pressure of weight or other elements by gently
swaying the deck without fracturing.
Reinforced Decks:
These decks are same as the concrete bridge decks but in this additional steel bars are provided to
increase the strength and flexibility. In this a layer of concrete I poured to form the road and
beneath these steel sheets are laid to relieve pressure and under these steel sheets support beams
and distribution bars are laid which helps in transferring weight to other beams.
Beam and Girder Decks:
These beams are used to provide supports at the side of the decks. Girders acts as the support beam
which are made up of steel and these are placed at the side of the bridge deck to increase the
support. These girders will save the bridge deck from fracturing because of the elements that causes
the concrete to bow. The girders also helps to relieve the pressure from the structure.
Wooden Decks:
Wooden decks like its name are made up of wood which are laid in planks and are supported by the
reinforcement at the bottom so as to make sure the safety is maintained as the wood gets weaken
with time because of the heat and moisture. The wood buckles when it is subjected to more heat
were as, due to snow and rain the wood becomes weak and easily gets broken.

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