OMGT2287 Supply Chain Modelling and Design

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Assessment 1: Case study
Assessment Type: Case study [individual] Word limit: No word limit

The purpose of this assessment task is to develop your capabilities in applying a quantitative technique to
solve problems in supply chain management and writing a report for a decision maker. The details of the
case study will be provided. You will be expected to formulate the problem into a mathematical model, to
implement the model in the Excel spreadsheet in order to determine the optimal solution using Solver, and
to write a report for a decision maker. You are expected to submit both:
• A Word file to explain problem formulation process, the mathematical model, discussion of the
results, and recommendations; and
• An Excel file to demonstrate how you use Solver to identify the solutions. You must ensure that the
file is in a workable condition.
Learning Outcomes
• Analyse and apply the theories and practices of logistics systems in logistics management
• Develop supply chain and logistics systems to improve the management of logistics and supply
chain management
• Use mathematical models to solve problems in logistics in contemporary business environment.
• Communicate effectively to a range of audiences in both written and oral forms and work effectively
with others in a team.
After completion of this assessment you should be able to:
• Develop decision making skills to shaping and accomplish the strategic and operational objectives of the
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• Explore, with an integrated view, the full impact of technology by effectively linking engineering, science,
business and management disciplines
• Develop insights leading to more effective decision-making in the practice of integrating technology strategy
with business strategy in a technology-based organisation.

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