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Subject Name: Enterprise Management

Part A (Answer all the questions) (5× 4 = 20 marks)

 1) What is meant by business process reengineering?

 2) What are the implementation methodologies of ERP software?

 3) Write a brief account of Online Analytical Processing (OLAP).

4) Briefly explain about SaaS in an ERP environment.

5) Write short notes on ERP in the manufacturing industry.

Part B (Answer all the questions Each question carries 20 marks)

6) Explain in detail about ERP implementation methodology.


7) Which are the major players in ERP field? Explain.

8) Describe the ERP functional modules i) Human capital Management ii) Financial management iii) Supply chain planning iv) Sales and service.


9) Explain the following terms in ERP. i) Product lifecycle Management ii) Customer Relationship Management iii) Enterprise Asset management iv) Quality Management.

10) Explain in detail about following terms in ERP environment i) Data Warehousing and Data mining ii) Data extraction and transformation iii) Business intelligence iv) Balanced scorecard.


11) Explain in detail about the application of ERP in service industries.

12) Explain in detail about ERP audit methodology. What are the key risks and control issues?


13) Write detailed reports on i) ERP and E-Business

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