HRPR308: The Hospital Merger Case

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Introductory instructions

  • This case and the accompanying presentation may be completed with other students who are in this cohort.  A Discussion Forum will be posted in Moodle so that people can list their partners or if they are doing both parts on their own.  Since both parts are connected you need to do them in the same groups or individually for consistency. 
  • Situation with details appear first.  No more than 4 people in a group/team for this Case and Presentation.
  • Case completion instructions follow the Situation

Case Instructions:

  1. Part A (10 marks – 7 for content, 3 for neat formatting): What are the important details listed in this case?  Use a table to briefly summarize the differences/similarities between the two organizations.  Any details that don’t fit in the table should be expressed in point form either before or after the table. Your choice of using either MS Excel or MS Word to create the table but remember that your table needs an appropriate title and if you are using Excel, unnecessary grid lines need to be removed so that the table looks professional.  Form 1.2 presented in this case is an example of what a well formatted table should look like because it contains a table title, columns are clearly labelled and there are no unnecessary lines in the table. (10 marks – 7 for content, 3 for formatting).  Hint: if you are having trouble analyzing this case then go back and review the Recording of the Practice Case under week 4 in the Moodle shell.
  2. Part B (25 marks -2 marks/problem, 5 marks for neat formatting): Using the 11 challenges listed in Form 1.2, you, as the HR Director – Katherine,  decide which are the top three (3) challenges you think you should address first.  Use the same wording to subtitle each paragraph you use as a subheader.  For example,

12. Steve’s Instructions (note that this is not one of the problems and is for illustration purposes only)

Your answer  . . . . . .  for this paragraph.

So you would discuss why you chose this problem as one of the top three.  You may decide to use citations & references but make sure that you don’t forget the citation or the reference (you need both!), otherwise you are plagiarising – and would then receive a zero and a student misconduct letter!

  • Part C:  Recreate Form 2.1 using MSWord or MS Excel.  Use an appropriate table title – remember that you already have one table in your submission!  List and briefly explain in 2-3 sentences a solution for ten (10) of the challenges problems listed.  I am allowing you to avoid one of the problems.  You only need to cover 10 of the 11.  Again if you are using information from another source that is okay but remember to cite directly in your table and then include a reference for that citation.  For example,

12. Steve’s instructions     I/we believe that the company should do the following ….(Storch 2020)  in order to succeed, because …… (again this is only sample wording that may not apply here & it must also be in tabular form not as a paragraph as shown here)


Storch, S. 2020. And all the rest of the details of that information as per APA formatting.

Upload parts A-D to the appropriate link in Moodle!  Uploaded document must be in PDF format!  Other formats will be scored as a zero.

  • Part D (marks deducted in this section if you have not used APA formatting – refer to the guide, no marks awarded for this section as there is a slim possibility that some students may not have any).  Reference section.  If not references were used then simply state that in this section.  If you have used any references this is where you will list them so that I can match them up with citations you have given in other parts of your submission. If you fail to list a citation for a reference or reference for a citation, it is still plagiarism!  Remember the two step approach that I described and demonstrated way back at the beginning of the semester.
  • Part E (Do not submit this part together with Parts A-D!)

Create a PowerPoint presentation of this case complete with speaker notes (explanation in class recording).  Upload your presentation by the deadline to the appropriate link in Moodle.  This is important!  Upload in PowerPoint format .ppt or .pptx only.  Do not upload any other type of format! (which means – do not use PDF format for this submission1!).  Other non-PPT formats will be scored as a zero.

Your presentation will include the following:

  1. Title slide with
    1. Appropriate title (you choose)
    1. Group members full names and student numbers
    1. Date of submission
    1. Appropriate graphic for this case (your choice – remember to cite & reference, if you’re not using public clipart)
  2. Up to three slides summarizing your top 3 problems that you would deal w/ first & why.  Add appropriate graphics to these slides.
  3. Three of the problems and what you are suggesting as solutions.  A minimum of three slides should be used for this purpose.  You get to choose which 3 problems you would like to cover.
  4. References slide – only required if you used citations.  No graphics required on this slide.
  5. Questions slide – this slide would normally be used if you were presenting this information live as you would need to leave some time at the end of your presentation for spectators to ask questions.  Add an appropriate graphic to this slide as well.

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