Empirical Research Methods

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Empirical Research Methods

Please develop a plan of research on the topic of interest involving one independent variable and one dependent variable. For example, you can look at the relationship between cell phone usage and academic performance (individual level) or between economic development and corruption (country level). Explain how you can explore the relationship between the two variables. Explain why this is an important/interesting topic. Conceptualize your research question, hypothesis (nature of the relationship), relevant theory (who else explored this topic, how they defined and measured the variables in question and their methodology), and your methods.

For the methods section, think of your research design (it could be an experiment). You also have several methods of data collection to choose from or combine (interview, questionnaire, observation, etc.) depending on your plan.

Please fill out the exposé form (Exposé empty form) attached. Also please see attached the form with instructions. You must use the form attached and make sure that you do not exceed the word limit for each section. An expose is a research proposal outlining your research plan.

But make sure to include at least 4 academic journal articles in your list of references.

It must contain all necessary structural components of an expose. It should not exceed 2,000 words in total and the word limit for each section must be complied with (an expose is a specific assignment different from a regular term paper in content, as well as form).

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