Accounting for Next Generation Leaders HX4204

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Accounting for Next Generation Leaders HX4204


Learning Outcome 1: Critically analyze Financial Accounting Principles to measure Bottom Line impact and develop competitive strategies.
  • PC 1.1: Evaluate the financial and operational performance of an organization
  • PC 1.2: Critically review the influence of Accounting Standards and Accounting Policies in a financial and (macro) economic environment.
  • PC 1.3: Critically discuss financial accounting and management accounting practices that highlight the use/ misuse of financial data.
  • PC 1.4: Discuss how a plan and execution strategy can ensure competitive financial management.
Learning Outcome 2: Critique the relevance and significance of Budgeting Process, Techniques and Methods in driving Organizational Performance.
  • PC 2.1: Critically analyze the relevance of Traditional Budgets versus “new age” Alternative Budgeting Types and Techniques.
  • PC 2.2: Conceptualize the budgeting approaches required to link performance management to improved operational planning and management strategies.
  • PC 2.3: Apply Smart Technologies in Budgeting, Forecasting, and Management Control Processes to investigate performance management issues.
Learning Outcome 3: Evaluate Financial Statements and business performance using Ratio Analysis.
  • PC 3.1: Apply Ratio Analysis to interpret the historic business performance of your chosen organization
  • PC 3.2: Critically discuss how forefront developments or disruptions in the external operating environment have impacted the financial performance of your chosen organization.
  • PC 3.3: Evaluate future strategies for financial changes that will improve organizational sustainability.
Learning Outcome 4: Evaluate investment appraisal techniques to support decision-making.
  • PC 4.1: Critically discuss the importance of investment appraisal techniques when approving capital expenditure investment proposals.
  • PC 4.2: Conduct discounted and non – discounted flow analysis.
  • PC 4.3: Evaluate at least two investment appraisal techniques and apply them to your chosen organization.

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