Innovating Digital Business Models for Mercedes-Benz Vans

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Innovating Digital Business Models for Mercedes-Benz Vans

Slide Deck (30%)

  • Hand-in on 5 Nov 2021
  • 7 slides per person (net: w/o intro, agenda, team introduction, farewell, sources, etc.)
  • In-depth documentation and deduction of how you came to your solution
  • Slides for your pitch should be part of the slide deck * Crisp and concise highlight, why your solution stands out

What topics you should address

Which digital business models around van usage already exist? Analyze and compare the offers of at least three competitors.

What is the problem you are solving?

An in-depth description of your persona: Who is that and why is this a relevant target group?

Documentation of how you came to your solutions, e.g.: How did you empathize? What did you ask, how many people did you ask, what were your key results?

What were other ideas? What prototypes, what tests did you perform? What were the results, what were your learnings and how did you implement that?

▪ In-depth description of the features and functionalities of your solution? How do you plan to generate turnover?

▪ Where do you see use cases of your business model for commercial target groups like craftspeople or delivery services?

Written Part (40%)

Hand-in on 5 Nov 2021 (all)

  • 1,000 words (+/- 10%)
  • Indicate the actual word count at the end of your elaboration!
  • Randomly assigned exercise on the major theoretical concepts of this class


▪ Describe the phenomenon of disruptive innovation. Make use of a specific example to illustrate the dynamics of disruption. (300 words)

▪ Relate this challenge to the situation of a car manufacturer. How high or low would you assess the likeliness for Mercedes-Benz Vans to be disrupted? Provide evidence and arguments for your appraisal. (300 words)

▪ Personal reflection: What were your initial expectations? What was your contribution to the project? What was your most striking learning out of the innovation project? Briefly describe, why. (400 words)

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