Critical thinking for complex problem-solving BSBCRT611

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Critical thinking for complex problem-solving BSBCRT611

Task 1.

You can use the case study provided below to analyze and provide solutions to solve the problem or you can choose your own case (i.e. workplace bullying, workplace discrimination, interpersonal conflict, low motivation, and job satisfaction, etc.). Please follow the template provided to answer all questions required in the Task. Your answers should be related to your case study.

Case study

You are an experienced client representative with Global Business Machine Company. which produces and sells computer hardware, middleware, and software, and provides hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from PC servers to nanotechnology.

Yesterday a client ABC called and complained that some of their important customer data from their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system are missing on their local servers.

The ERP system was developed and implemented by International Consulting Service (ICS), a business line of Global Business Machine 5 months ago, while the server is also provided and supported by GBM. As a client rep, you understand the significant impact of data loss and you’re meeting up with relevant people to resolve the issue.

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